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‘Reckless Racing’ Creators Pixelbite Announce New Dual-Stick Shooter, ‘Space Marshals’

The developers of Reckless Racing 3 ($2.99) at Pixelbite are already hard at work on their next game, Space Marshals. This is Pixelbite’s escape from racing games, and into dual-stick shooters. Taking place in a sci-fi western setting, players control specialist Burton, who has to hunt down escaped prisoners. Space prisoners! The game will allow for a variety of tactics – want to use stealth to hunt down enemies? Go for it. Want to blow them away with superior firepower? Do it.

Space Marshals is apparently going to be an episodic game, with episode one set to release on January 8th, with later episodes coming down the road. Metal graphics support is included, along with iCloud support for saves. The game will There is no mention yet of MFi controls, but Reckless Racing 3 had them, so we can certainly hope for them to come about. I’m always down for a good dual-stick shooter, and I’m curious to see what a racing-centric company in Pixelbite can do with this one. Stay tuned.