‘Papers, Please’ Hits the App Store, Pixel Nudity Not Included

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Originally release on PC in late 2013, and Mac/Linux in early 2014, Lucas Pope’s Papers, Please ($4.99) is an incredibly well received indie game where you play as an officer working at a border checkpoint in the dystopian country of Arstotzka. Gameplay involves checking the documents of people trying to enter the country, and making sure the only people with proper documentation are allowed admission. It’s one of those games like FTL ($9.99) which may have released on the PC first, but always felt like they should have been an iPad game instead. Well, as of early this morning, that problem has been solved through the release of a fantastic iPad port.

While the core of the game is the intentionally monotonous task of checking everyone’s documents, all sorts of crazy things happen which I’m not about to spoil here. There’s 20 different endings in the game, all determined by different things you do (or don’t do) as you try to bring glory to Arstotzka.

Like every time Apple asks a developer to change something something, the internet as a whole has made a huge deal out of news that this release of Papers, Please is censored. In actuality, all this means is when you search people in the game they’re wearing underwear instead of totally naked. Eurogamer has a comparison shot if you want an idea of what you’re missing. This seriously detracts nothing from the game, unless what really gets you in the mood to check people’s papers is checking out pixelated genitalia. Is it silly? Sure, but it doesn’t impact the actual gameplay at all.

We’ll have a review up soon, but in the meantime if you’re on the fence feel free to check out the many reviews of the PC version. They all apply equally well to the iPad version, and I’d even argue the iPad version is better as this is a game that feels even better on the touchscreen than it did with a mouse.

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