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Could ‘Corridor Z’ Actually be an Original Endless Runner with Zombies?

I still enjoy endless runners, and I still enjoy the occasional zombie game, but it’s hard to argue that they’re not at least a bit rote at this point. And with Into the Dead (Free) tackling the endless runner with zombies, even that combination is not original at this point. Well, Mass Creation wants to take a shot at still doing something unexpected with the ‘endless runner with zombies’ genre with their upcoming Corridor Z.

The goal of Corridor Z is to help fend off zombies by trying to fend off the horde using whatever tools you come across, like throwing objects to create obstacles to slow them down (or bonk them in the head). If you’re lucky enough to have a gun, that can be used to fend off the horde, but it won’t stop them forever. This one could be particularly interesting if there’s not an endless component, and if it’s actually possible to ‘beat’ it by reaching the escape point mentioned in the trailer, some interesting elements could come of that. This one’s expected early next year, which is only weeks away at this point. The developers are in our forums if you want to ask them questions or chat about the game.