‘Vainglory’ Update Arrives with New Hero Skaarf, Private Matches and More

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Last Friday Super Evil Megacorp announced a new hero and new features were heading to their fantastic mobile MOBA Vainglory (Free), and as of moments ago the update featuring these new goodies went live in the App Store. The new hero is named Skaarf, an adorable but deadly fire-breathing dragon who comes equipped with some awesome abilities: Spit a fireball out of his mouth, light an enemy on fire and do burning damage over time, slow down enemies by hurling “goop" on the ground, or unleash a devastating dragon breath attack.


In addition to Skaarf, this update also introduces Private Matches to Vainglory. You can create a party with up to 6 players and duke it out in any combination of match styles from 1v1 to 3v3. This update also brings chat functionality to the game, but to ensure it works smoothly the chat function is being rolled out slowly by region, so it may not be immediately available. Rounding out the update is new Vain Crystal explosions, a penalty for players who refuse to lock in a hero when starting matches, hero and item balances and performance improvements. If you haven’t tried out Vainglory yet, what are you waiting for? It’s free and it’s awesome, so check it out.

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