Five Star Freebie Alert: ‘Hoplite’, the Hexagonal Strategic Roguelike, is Free Today

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One of the best mobile roguelikes of the past year or so is free today. You can have Hoplite ($2.99) at no cost. The game is winding down its first year of existence on iOS, though it also was available on Android for a short while before then. This hexagonal turn-based roguelike puts players in the shoes of a Greek hoplite gladiator fighting their way to get the golden fleece, all the while managing to fend off enemies with a sword, spear, and jumping boots to help escape perilous situations. The spear can be launched and picked back up, powerups can be had, or not, for a higher score, and it’s even possible to continue on past getting the golden fleece to try and get as high a score as possible, for advanced players.

The game is a must-have at the free price – it’s challenging but not inaccessible, easy to pick up without being shallow. It’s a game our Shaun Musgrave gave five stars and one I personally can heartily recommend as well. IF you’re a roguelike fan, or if you’ve never really played one, it doesn’t matter – go download it right now!

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    "Blanket recommendation for this one." - Pocket Tactics (5/5 stars) "It's very simple to learn, but there's a huge amou…
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