‘Hearthstone’ Expansion Goblins vs Gnomes Launches

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Last week, Blizzard teased the new Hearthstone (Free) expansion Goblins vs Gnomes in a super cool way: By giving everyone a free arena ticket and enabling the new cards as arena draft picks. It seems to have worked wonderfully, as my weekend was filled with friends trading stories of crazy cards they managed to pull into their decks.

Well, now the new Goblins vs Gnomes cards are available for purchase in the game with either real money or coins. Pricing is the same as the old expert packs, so no surprise there. All you’ll need is the Hearthstone update which hit late last week.

Prepare for a complete shift in the meta, as that’s sort of the entire point of releasing new card sets. Add in the recent nerfs to Soulfire, Gadgetzan Auctioneer and Flare and things are going to get real weird. I expect ranked to be totally wild while all the pro players figure out the best decks everyone should be playing. I’m not sure how much more Hearthstone coverage we’re going to have today, but if you’re hungry for more two real great places you should have on your bookmarks bar somewhere is Hearthpwn and the r/hearthstone subreddit.

Update: Looks like the in-game store is completely slammed, leaving many players stuck on “Waiting for Authorization" when trying to buy something. But, hey, it wouldn’t be a highly anticipated Blizzard release without some kind of crazy server issue, right?

Update 2: Looks like it’s all working now, my purchase just went through.

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