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‘My Om Nom’ Virtual Pet Coming Soon

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It looks like we have another Cut the Rope spinoff game coming soon, starring series protagonist Om Nom: My Om Nom appears to be a virtual pet simulator that’s coming soon – possibly even next week. Feeding Om Nom, keeping him happy, and other assorted virtual pet activities appear ot be part of the game, as evidenced by the official site and teaser trailer:

The site has a quiz that, when completed, says “Your very own Om Nom will arrive in 10 days!" This would indicate that the game will launch next Thursday, December 18th, the last Thursday before Christmas (and a likely App Store freeze on the charts and developers uploading/changing things in iTunes Connect). We’ll see what happens next week, and if this is anything particularly noteworthy beyond starring one of mobile gaming’s most recognizable characters. Additionally, Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift (Free) has returned to the App Store, with free levels to play that are all holiday-themed.

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