Cult-Hit FPS ‘Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath’ Releases on the App Store

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Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath ($2.99) was a well-received first-person shooter in the wacky Oddworld universe released initially in 2005 for the original Xbox. The game was a cult hit, albeit one that didn’t sell enough to be a blockbuster. However, since then, the game’s been getting updated ports for modern systems, and now iOS players can enjoy the FPS, as it was released on Thursday, November 27th, for iOS, for $5.99, made by an external team at Square One Games.

The first question you might have, is that as a console FPS brought to mobile, does it have gamepad support? Yes it does! MFi support is in tow. There are touch controls in tow, and reports on our forums say that they’re not all that bad. The game also boasts a number of performance options for resolution and visual effects to work on a number of devices down to the iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and iPod touch 5th gen. Think about that: a mobile port of a console game has better performance options than many console-to-PC ports. Crazy. The game has held up pretty well over time, as the Xbox version got an 88 on Metacritic, and the HD ports were in the 82-83 range, so even though this is almost ten years old, this FPS with features like “living ammo" and the unique Oddworld dialogue and humor may just make this worth checking out, and especially so if you have a gamepad.

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