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Check Out the ‘Tales From The Borderlands’ Launch Trailer

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Telltale’s Tales From The Borderlands is launching on Steam today, and like their games are always launched, will slowly drizzle out to other platforms over the course of the week. We’ll likely see it on iOS anytime between now and Friday-ish, with fingers crossed that it’s coming sooner rather than later. Telltale just released the following launch trailer, which is definitely worth a look.

Now, reviewing this game is going to be a little awkward. I’ve already played through episode one thanks to an early Steam code provided by Telltale. From a plot, mechanics, and gameplay perspective, this is without a doubt the absolute best game Telltale has ever released. They manage to capture the action of Borderlands games, the hilarious writing, and an intriguing story flawlessly. It took around 2.5 hours to play through, and I was glued to my chair the entire time. In a way, it makes sense that it’s this good as all of their games following Walking Dead (Free) have only gotten better. I cannot wait for episode 2, I even played it while some friends (who aren’t often interested in video games) watched and they’re even excited for future installments.

The only way Telltale can screw this up is if the iOS port isn’t as good as it should be. Combat involves a lot of quick time events, which work well with a controller hooked up to my PC, but might not translate as well to swipes. Maybe. Cautious optimism seems appropriate. So, I’ll say this much: If you like the Borderlands universe, this game is a must-buy on whatever platform you prefer. If you’re just looking for the next Telltale adventure game on your iOS device, wait a couple days for us to dig in to the iOS port to make sure the incredible story isn’t overshadowed by porting weirdness- Even though I feel like it’s going to take a lot of weirdness for us to not recommend this game.

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