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Prepare to Die Frequently in We.R.Play’s Upcoming ‘Hex:99’

Pakistan-based developer We.R.Play has a pretty nifty challenging “finite runner" game coming out this Wednesday, November 26th, called Hex:99. The goal is to navigate a ball moving at high speed through a series of obstacles, dragging horizontally to move around everything that gets in the way. The game travels at high speed through futuristic environments, with the goal being to try and reach the 1999 distance in one piece. Check out the trailer below:

The game will be kind of like Smash Hit (Free) in that the app will be free to download, but checkpoints will be disabled unless you pay $2.99 to unlock them and remove the ads. The game is theoretically beatable through persistence, and while you can expect similar trap layouts each time, they are always randomized. Heck, I’m pretty sure beating the game with checkpoints enabled is going to be an endeavor in and of itself, so good luck. Quick reactions will be the difference between life and death in this one! People who love a challenge will want to check this out on Wednesday once this launches.