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EA Releases New ‘SimCity BuildIt’ Trailer, Worldwide Launch “Coming Soon”

Last month EA soft-launched a new mobile entry in the beloved SimCity franchise called SimCity BuildIt, and today they’ve released a brand new trailer for the game along with the promise that it’s “coming soon." As I’m sure you can imagine from hearing the words “EA" and “mobile game", SimCity BuildIt is indeed a free to play game, and features all the trappings that go along with it. However, based off of the impressions in our forums from players who are having a go with the soft-launch version, the free to play stuff isn’t egregious, and is more or less the typical variety of in-game currency and timer stuff. Basically, if you aren’t totally turned off at the mere sight of a free to play game, then you might actually dig what SimCity BuildIt has to offer. Also it does not require an always-online connection, which is definitely a bonus. Plus it’s just damn gorgeous for a mobile game, check out the trailer.

I’m a bit wishy washy when it comes to early access or soft-launch versions of games. Sometimes I’m interested to try something out early, but more often than not I like to wait until the full release of a game so I can experience the game the way the developers intended in its “final" form. It’s kind of like if you were really excited to see a blockbuster movie, going and watching a bunch of behind-the-scenes or making-of videos might ruin the experience. Thus far I’ve not tried out SimCity BuildIt in its soft-launch form, but man this trailer, it’s so pretty. And I dearly love the SimCity franchise. I think I’ll need to finally bust out my New Zealand account. If you also have access to a NZ App Store account you can grab the game with the link below, otherwise the rest of the world can look forward to SimCity BuildIt launching sometime “soon", whenever that may be.

New Zealand App Store Link: SimCity BuildIt, Free (Universal)