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‘Earn to Die 2’ Releases This Thursday, Leaving More Dead Zombies in its Wake

Earn to Die ($0.99) has been one of those games that has been remarkably popular, having hung around the top charts for a long, long time now. Seriously, it’s been a consistent presence in the top games pretty much since its release two years ago. And now, a sequel, appropriately titled Earn to Die 2, is coming to the App Store this Thursday, November 20th, as revealed on our forums. Not Doppler and Toffee Games aren’t looking to revolutionize the 2D vehicle-based zombie smash ’em up, but they are promising more vehicular zombie slaughter than ever. Check out the trailer for the game below:

What’s new in this sequel? Well, there’s a new story mode, that promises to extend the length of the game compared to the original, five-fold. New obstacles and structures to deal with are present in the game’s new post-apocalyptic industrial environment. Ten new vehicles, all completely destructible, are resent. And for those who complete the lengthy story mode, a Missions mode with plenty of achievements will also be available. The game will be $1.99 and a universal app as opposed to the split versions of its predecessor. Given how beloved the original was, this should be a game to keep an eye on once it comes out.

Update: We just heard from the developers that mission mode is coming later in an update, sorry for the confusion!