‘Monument Valley’ Expansion Launches Next Week for $1.99

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It’s not difficult to describe ustwo’s Monument Valley ($3.99) as something truly special. We loved it in our review, particularly as the game both looks and plays beautifully. The puzzles are clever, and in one of the original Monument Valley videos the designers mentioned making every screenshot you could take of the game a work of art, which I feel they executed on fully.

If there was any down side to Monument Valley, it was the fact that it was a little on the short side. It didn’t take long to beat, and it left everyone who did wanting more… Which I’d argue is a good thing. I personally really enjoy playing through what feels like a full, complete experience versus a game that drags on for hours until I just stop playing it out of boredom or tedium. Well, next week those who wanted more Monument Valley will be getting it in the form of a PC-like expansion pack. Check out the demo video:

The plan is to release the Monument Valley expansion for $1.99, which is half the price of the original game with the same amount of content. They’re saying it’ll hit Thursday, but it’s hard to say if that actually means Thursday, or some weird time late in the night on Wednesday. Regardless, stay tuned, we’ll let you know when it’s online.

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