‘Cosmic Crown’ is a One-Dimensional Roguelike that’s Available Now

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We figured this week would be quite busy after the packed list of releases on Wednesday night, but there’s still games sneaking out that didn’t quite come out last night that are of particular note. Cosmic Crown (Free) is one of those games, and in fact it released totally under the radar last Friday. It’s a curious game that seems to mix in any number of genres, perhaps a fusion of turn-based roguelikes with an endless runner.

Players control a little green fellow running along straight paths with no horizontal movement, trying to make it through doors, spinning buzzsaws, sentinels, and automated buttons. It’s possible to move forward or backward one step at a time, wait a turn, and to use a disrupt ability that opens doors immediately and freezes traps and enemies. The game is level-based, but with randomly-generated levels, and while there’s three lives, the level is re-generated upon death.

Occasionally, similar to Hoplite ($2.99), new abilities are earned for beating a level which can help with survival as the levels get more perilous. It’s certainly a unique combination of game elements and styles that manages to do something not really seen among roguelike-style games. It’s also built for one-handed play on phones in particular, so it might be worth playing on the commute home. Unless your commute involves driving, then please don’t do that.

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