Everplay’s RPG Puzzler ‘Adventure Age’ Now Available Worldwide

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In early October Everplay unveiled their latest game, a matching RPG hybrid called Adventure Age (Free). It was only about a week ago that Everplay soft-launched the game in Canada to test things out, but apparently everything was going smoothly as as of late last night Adventure Age is now available worldwide. I didn’t get in on the soft-launch version, but I’ve played around a little with the full release and so far I like Adventure Age quite a bit.

RPG matching games are all the rage right now, and in fact Everplay had already launched one earlier this year with Horde of Heroes (Free). However, Adventure Age is quite a bit different from that title. It’s not really a match-3, it’s more of a “touch the colored tiles that are grouped together and they’ll disappear" matching game. Which can be just fine, as we’ve seen in games like Block Legend ($1.99).

Matching aside, the coolest part about Adventure Age is how you create and manage a team to help you out in battle. Most matching RPGs aren’t very heavy in the RPG department, and typically feature combat by way of matching as well as some pretty basic character upgrades as their “RPG" components. Adventure Age goes even further by giving you an actual party to manage, level up and outfit with new equipment. Also, the opponents you face in battle can be captured and made part of your team. With tons of equipment and both monsters and heroes to fight and capture, there’s sure to be a ton of variety in how you flesh out these aspects of Adventure Age.

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Of course, Adventure Age is free to download and play, and I’m much too early in the game to be able to tell how balanced or necessary any sort of IAP will be. However, if you enjoy matching games with RPG influences, Adventure Age is totally worth the download to check out for yourself, because so far it looks like they’ve blended the two genres together better than any game I’ve played before. For more impressions and discussion, be sure to head on over to our forums.

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