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‘Card Crawl’ Will Shuffle Up Some Card-Based Roguelike Gameplay Soon

Tiny Touchtales, creators of Zuki’s Quest (Free) and One Tap RPG (Free), have an interesting new card-based dungeon crawler in the works, appropriately called Card Crawl. While this may sound like Card Dungeon ($2.99) which released recently, this one promises to put more of an emphasis on the Card than the Crawl. The entire game is played by drawing cards, and then playing them into either hand, or onto yourself. For example, you can draw a sword card into your hand to equip it, then use it to attack a monster card, eventually playing the monster card on to yourself to get rid of it as it does damage to you. Potions, items, and other ability cards come into play as well, as you try to make it through the 54 card deck, collecting as much gold as possible. The design is discussed in detail here, but trailer shows off how the whole thing works in action:

The game is inspired by Scoundrel, an unreleased game worked on by Zach Gage, Adam Saltsman, and Kurt Bieg, that was a similar sort of card-based roguelike. Card Crawl‘s take on the card-based roguelike sounds intriguing enough, and we’ll be keeping an eye on this one.