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Backflip Soft Launches ‘NinJump Dash’ in the UK and Singapore

What originally was just a pretty simple jumping game by Backflip Studios has since turned in to a… whole series of titles. There’s NinJump (Free), NinJump Deluxe ($0.99), NinJump Rooftops (Free), NinJump Smash and their associated free and/or HD versions. Well, this morning NinJump Dash soft launched in the UK and Singapore App Stores.


It looks like it’s basically NinJump Rooftops with a multiplayer component. These kind of sidescrolling racing games have been surprisingly popular on the App Store, with things like Fun Run (Free) just blowing up with millions of players. It’s hard to say whether or not NinJump Dash is going to see similar success as there’s just so many of these kind of games now… But I’m definitely stoked for one that’s on the quality level of the games Backflip typically puts out.

If you’ve got an iTunes account in either region that the game is available, swing by the thread in our forums and find some other people to play with.

International App Store Link: NinJump Dash, Free