‘Age of Zombies’ Season 2 Update Makes the Dual-Stick Shooter 3D, with New Content Incoming

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Yesterday, I remarked that it’s rare for games to get complete overhauls in the way that Wave Wave (Free) just got. Well, Halfbrick just made me look stupid, as Age of Zombies ($0.99) has just gotten a “Season 2" update that takes the game and revamps its visual style. Gone is the pixel art, and in is a new 3D style, albeit one that tries to stay loyal to the original game’s art. Halfbrick says that they’re doing this in preparation for future content coming to the game. They’ve taken a keen interest in adding new stuff to the game, as there’s been pretty much a new update every few weeks at this point. And with 3D, it may be easier to make new content without creating new pixel art – and with resolutions getting all screwy, going to 3D may be more future-proof.

Along with the promise of future content and the new visuals in this Season 2 update, there’s also several new levels to play and a new soundtrack. There’s also promise of guest appearances in future updates with Ghostbusters content and American McGee games making cameos. Hey, a neat dual-stick shooter about zombies getting brought back from the dead? I’ll take it!

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