Spooky Games on Sale: ‘Organ Trail’, ‘Limbo’, ‘Walking Dead’ and More

saleJudging by a few game sales that just scrolled across the TouchArcade news ticker, I wouldn’t be at all surprised when iTunes featuring refreshes tomorrow if there’s some kind of new feature area for spooky games on the cheap. You can pick up all these games for ten bucks, and, honestly, that’s a pretty good way to drop some cash particularly if you’re in the real-game loving anti-timer game crew as none of these games have any of that junk.

Oh, and if you haven’t played Walking Dead: The Game – Season 1 (Free) you should probably grab that one first. You don’t need to play the first to enjoy the second, but considering it’s a character and choice driven adventure game your experience is going to be way better if you do. Who knows how long these sales are going to run, but I’d guess at least through the weekend if nothing else.