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‘One More Line’ from ‘OTTTD’ Developer SMG Studio Coming in November

You may recall that back in May of this year SMG Studios released OTTTD ($4.99), a tower defense title that literally stood for “over the top tower defense." True to its name, OTTTD featured big weapons, tons of enemies, and more blood and guts than you could shake a stick at. We loved it in our review, and although I’m not a huge tower defense fan, OTTTD is one of the ones that really clicked with me. For their next release SMG is toning things down a bit with a game called One More Line. It’s a twitchy arcade game that’s something of a hybrid between the steering mechanic of Slingshot Racing ($0.99) and those rotating planet platformer games that are so darn popular. Check out a video.

There are two things I really like about One More Line. One is that you can play it one-handed in portrait mode, which I’m a fan of. The other is a small detail, but I love how when your run ends it rewinds down to where you started so you can see all the crazy lines you’ve created. For additional looks at One More Line being played, check out this trailer that shows how the game is controlled with one hand. Also, SMG will be showing off One More Line at PAX Australia this weekend, and have created a “game show button" version that can be played with a giant, red, shiny physical button, and you can see that in action in this video. One More Line should be arriving on the App Store in November, and will be a free, ad-supported release.