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Highly Anticipated ‘Seabeard’ Soft Launches in Canada

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It’s almost reached meme status to ask where Seabeard is every Wednesday following our GDC coverage of the game. Published by Backflip and developed by Hand Circus, the pedigree behind this game is just incredible. The version shown at GDC looked awesome, and that was months ago:

It just soft launched this morning, so I expect our forums will be filled with first impressions pretty soon. It seems reasonable to get excited for this though, as Hand Circus makes great games and Backflip as a publisher always releases games that prioritize fun over monetization- So, even though it’s free to play, I wouldn’t get too worked up over that just yet.

We’ll have a review up of the game once it launches worldwide and we’ve got a better idea what the “final" version is going to look like. In the meanwhile, if you’re a “Canadian" or an actual Canadian, go nuts grabbing this.

Canadian App Store Link: Seabeard, Free

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