‘Godville’ Update Adds Today Screen Widget

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If you don’t have Godville (Free) installed right now, you’re already losing progress on your temple. It’s a “zero player game" that is basically a modern day version of the classic faux-RPG Progress Quest. I’ve been “playing" it for 51 months now, and the game has only gotten better with improvements, which typically coincide with new features of iOS. When push notifications became a thing, suddenly you were getting alerted when cool stuff happened to your dude. Since then the Today screen and third party widgets have become popular, and with last night’s update Godville is there too.

With the update installed, when you flick down from your lock screen to trigger the Today screen, you’ll have the option of seeing the progress of your guy, the last thing he did, and his current stats. Tapping this area launches you into the game, and you can dig deeper into what crazy situations he’s found himself in without any help from you.

If you need some additional convincing to check it out, here’s our review from a million years ago, a followup a month later, and another story when I hit four years played. In other words, Godville rocks.

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