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‘Kingdom Rush Origins’ Revealed as the New ‘Kingdom Rush’ Game, Teaser Trailer Released

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Backin August Ironhide Game Studio spilled the beans that they were working on a brand new game in the beloved Kingdom Rush tower defense series. Their original teaser art hinted that this new Kingdom Rush game would be a prequel of some sort, and today they’ve officially unveiled the name of this mysterious new game: Kingdom Rush Origins. Sounds pretty prequel-y to me! Along with the official name, Ironhide has released the following teaser trailer.

While the trailer above doesn’t show any actual gameplay, it does the job a teaser trailer is supposed to do and has me really excited to see more. The couple things we do know about Kingdom Rush Origins is that the game will take place in a brand new world from the previous games and there will be a new race involved. The game is coming this fall, which is pretty soon, so expect to see a lot more on Kingdom Rush Origins in the coming weeks, and be sure to check out the forum thread too.

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