‘The Room Two’ Is The Best Dollar You’ll Spend Today (If You Don’t Already Have It)

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I’ve said it before, and I’ve got absolutely no problem saying it again and again: The Room (Free) and The Room Two ($1.99) are among the finest games available on the App Store. The first installment is free on the iPhone (with a 99 cent purchase to unlock the rest of the game) and The Room proper for iPad has also been a buck for quite some time now. The Room Two has been on sale before, most recently this summer, but I’m not one to pass up on an opportunity to remind everyone to download these games again.

We reviewed both games, with The Room getting four stars because it was a little too short when it launched (this has been fixed with updates), and The Room Two receiving a solid five stars for being better in every way.

You won’t really miss out on much by jumping straight into the second game, but I still think the first is very much worth playing. Whether you play it before of after The Room Two is up to you. If for some insane reason you still haven’t gotten these games, now is your chance.

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