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Marvel and Kabam’s Mobile Brawler ‘Marvel Contest of Champions’ Soft-Launched in Denmark

At the San Diego Comic-Con back in July, Marvel and Kabam announced an upcoming mobile fighter set in the Marvel universe called Marvel Contest of Champions. Over the weekend, the game was soft-launched in the Danish App Store. From the early impressions in our forums, it sounds like Marvel Contest of Champions is a pared down fighter similar to Warner Bros. and DC’s Injustice: Gods Among Us (Free), though with slightly more complex fighting mechanics. Here’s the original reveal trailer from the San Diego Comic-Con.

If you happen to be in Denmark, or have access to a Danish App Store account, you can give Marvel Contest of Champions a download for free from the link below. Also, today is the start of the New York Comic-Con, and Kabam has said previously that the game will be at that show and playable, so if you’re attending be sure to seek it out. No word on when a full worldwide release will be, though I’d be pretty stoked if they decided to flip the switch during Comic-Con this week, but until then check out the soft-launch version and we’ll let you know when Kabam reveals when it’s heading to the US and elsewhere.

Danish App Store Link: MARVEL Contest of Champions, Free (Universal)