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Noodlecake Games Announces Upcoming ‘MMM Fingers’ from Developers of ‘Small Fry’

No Monkeys, the creators of The Adventures of Small Fry (Free), and prolific indie publisher Noodlecake Games have announced their newest game, MMM Fingers, coming later this month. This is a survival game where the goal is to use your finger to drag around the screen, trying to avoid spiked, teethy objects that will be game over. While the game is definitely meant to be a small game that’s highly replayable, the creators are aiming for a higher level of polish than most, say, Flappy Bird or Timberman (Free) clones. The trailer shows off the animation and detail put into the graphics quite well:

As well, the game will feature music by venerable iOS indie game composer and Pivvot ($2.99) creator Whitaker Trebella. MMM Fingers will be free-to-play with ad support, but the plan is for there to be no revives or other ways to boost score, in order to keep the leaderboards pure. Expect the game sometime this month. Between this and the promised Flappy Golf (Free) update, Noodlecake is also hinting that more from them is coming down the pipeline, which you’re sure to hear about quite soon.