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‘Animal Crossing’-alike ‘Castaway Paradise’ Launching Worldwide this Thursday

Stolen Couch’s upcoming sim Castaway Paradise has been in the works for almost two and a half years, or at least that’s when the upcoming thread in our forum was originally started, but at long last we’ll be getting the final product this Thursday October 9th, the developers have announced. Castaway Paradise is a sim heavily influenced by the Animal Crossing series, and will contain many similar features like decorating your home, donning different outfits, fishing, growing crops, collecting bugs and much more. It’ll also run on a real-time clock and there will be special events associated with time and seasons. You can see many of those features in action in the game’s launch trailer.

Castaway Paradise has been in development for quite a while, but it’s been available in soft-launch form since late November of last year. Reading through the soft-launch thread in our forum, it looks like the developers have taken a lot of early players’ feedback into consideration, and it seems like the game has shaped up nicely because of it. One big feature that has made it into the final version is Universal support for iPhones and iPod touches; originally Castaway Paradise was an iPad-only title. I’m excited to check it out, so look for the worldwide launch of Castaway Paradise right alongside all of the week’s other new releases on Wednesday night.