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Play Ezone’s Upcoming ‘Halloweeen’ in our Forums as it’s Being Made

Ezone have been making apps and games on iTunes for a while, and are most known for Diversion (Free) and Team Awesome ($1.99). Well now, they’re working on a remake of one of their games that predates even their iOS work. Heck, it predates this millennium, back when Shockwave was still a thing in 1999. Halloweeen – yes, with three e’s. And Ezone is using our forums to help work on the game, and iterate it further as it nears release for this spooky season.


You can visit the forums thread to playing a bunch of different builds of the game. As of publication, it’s on its 4th build, and if you play each of them, you can see how a game changes over time. It starts with placeholder art, and then original art gets added. The game starts with a basic concept, and new gameplay mechanics are added, and others refined. This is a unique chance to see a game get made and iterated before your eyes, and to play it and give feedback every step of the way. So get into the forums thread and check out Halloweeen as it’s being made.