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Epiphany’s ’80s-themed Conspiracy Thriller ‘Majestic Nights’ Gets a New Gameplay Trailer

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Back in July, Epiphany Games introduced us to Majestic Nights, an action-adventure game set in an alternate ’80s landscape that deals heavily in conspiracy theories and shadowy government coverups. The teaser trailer and accompanying screenshots of Majestic Nights looked fantastic, and I’ve been looking forward to the game ever since. Today, Epiphany is whetting my appetite even further with their just-released gameplay trailer for Majestic Nights. In it, Lead Designer Samuel Jensen walks us through the prologue chapter of the game, titled Chapter Zero: Sunset After Dark.

The Sunset After Dark prologue chapter is scheduled for release later this month, and will be free to download and play. That prologue will lead into the first Season of Majestic Nights, which will consist of six chapters, and Epiphany is aiming to release a new chapter every month following the initial release. Each new chapter will cost $4.99 or a Season Pass can be purchased for $19.99. With gameplay that involves “interrogation, stealth, combat and a variety of mini-games and tasks" all soaked in the colorful neon of the 1980s, I’m very excited to finally get my hands on Majestic Nights when it launches in late October.

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