Halfbrick Teases a Big Update Upcoming to ‘Fruit Ninja’

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Halfbrick’s announced that a big update is coming to Fruit Ninja ($1.99) in October. The game’s being rebuilt from scratch, according to Halfbrick, and will boast a new menu system in this updated version, that will launch in “early October." One of the key details of the updated version of the game is that it will take the dojos and blades, which were at one point only cosmetic items, and give them gameplay effects. For example, the Great Wave dojo will spawn up to ten fruit at once, and the Autumn Blade creates a tornado when it slices pineapples.

In-game leaderboards will show which combination of items are being used. Ahead of the update, Halfbrick’s got some new videos on YouTube from their subsidiary animation house People’s Republic of Animation, teasing what may come and showing off some characters that may be involved:

Fruit Ninja is an App Store legend, having been around since 2010, and the game has added in-app purchases at various points, but even it must adapt to the times. After all, it was around way back in the days even before free-to-play really took off, and look where we are now. Time will tell just how the changes affect the game, though.

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