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‘Undefeated’ is the First Official Mobile Port of an RPG Maker VX Ace Game, Coming October 3rd

RPG Maker is a software solution that’s been around for decades, and unsurprisingly, its purpose is to make it easy for game designers to create role-playing games. This week, it was announced that the first official mobile port of an RPG Maker game is coming on October 3rd. The game is called Undefeated, and although I don’t follow the RPG Maker scene or really RPGs in general, it seems to be considered one of the better RPG Maker games around. Check out the trailer.

While I don’t intently follow the RPG Maker scene, one thing I have noticed is that almost all the games made with that particular software look fairly “samey." Which is fine, actually, as that’s what the software allows you to do so easily. However, with tools like RPG Maker, it’s all about how you use them to differentiate yourself from the pack. Just from that brief trailer, I can tell Undefeated has a good bit of self-referential humor and a great soundtrack, which has me interested to check it out. No pricing information was given, but look for Undefeated to hit the App Store on October 3rd.