App Bundles Officially Live on the App Store, with ‘Complete My Bundle’ Discounts

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App Bundles started rolling out yesterday on the App Store as iOS 8 officially launched, and a wide number of publishers and developers are featuring discounts for variously-grouped bundles. We featured some of the Crescent Moon bundles yesterday which are all now live, but there’s 30 total bundles right now.

App Bundles Launch

Here are a few of the good ones worth checking out:

Now, for bundles where you own some of the items, it’s possible to pay less than bundle cost to complete it. This gets a bit wacky because unlike “Complete My Album" on iTunes, the prices of apps fluctuate wildly, and it becomes possible, if you got some apps for free, to pay money for a bundle where you own all of the games but got some of them for free, like with this Kumobius Volume 1 bundle where I own all the items but got parts of it for free:

Complete My Bundle Kumobius

But ideally, it works like this Touchgrind X-Sports Bundle, where there are two $4.99 apps, bundled for $6.99. I already own Touchgrind Skate 2 (Free) which I paid $4.99 for, so I can just pay the $2.00 remainder to complete the bundle and get Touchgrind BMX (Free).

Complete My Bundle Touchgrind

So, while they’re not the most intuitive iTunes feature ever, there’s definitely some great discounts to be had on a bunch of great games, and there should only be more bundles in the near future.

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