PSA: Fantastic Password Manager App ‘1Password’ is Free

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It seems like a week can hardly go by without there being something in the news about either large scale password leak, a targeted hack, or something in between. The point is, the best defense against things like this is being proactive with using different passwords everywhere. The easiest way to do that is with a password manager, and the best password manager I’ve ever used is 1Password (Free) which just dropped to free.

As far as to why it’s free, word on the street is that 1Password 5 which is launching along side iOS 8 is going to be free with an IAP to unlock the “Pro" features… But existing 1Password customers will be getting automatically upgraded since they already paid? The thing is, it seems like the price change has hit before the 5.0 update, so if you act fast you’ll be able to snag 1Password 4.5.3 before that update hits, which potentially could flag you as a legacy customer? Maybe?

Either way, if you need to drop some cash on the “Pro" IAP (assuming said IAP does anything useful for you), just do it. 1Password would be near the top of any list of “Most Useful Apps" on my phone, and one of the apps I tell everyone to download when they ask what they should get for their new iPhone. It’s so useful, it helps keep all your online stuff secure, and it’s only going to get better when the iOS 8 update hits- Presumably later today.

If you feel bad about sliding in and getting this app for free, think about picking up the PC/Mac companion app to run on your computer to toss Agilebits some cash. I cannot overstate just how useful having 1Password on every device and computer of mine is. I’m at a point where it’s hard to imagine using the internet without it.

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