iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Preorders Top Four Million in 24 Hours

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As mentioned last week, preordering the new iPhone was pretty insane. It seemed obvious something crazy was happening, as historically ordering your new phone through the app had been pretty painless in the past. Not so this time, the app was beyond slammed, and judging by Twitter alone, I wasn’t the only one who was up until 4:00 AM desperately trying to get their preorder to go through.

Well, Apple just announced the reason for all that: When we were all hammering the Apple Store, Apple was taking over four million iPhone preorders. Even if all those preorders were for the 16GB iPhone 6 (which is very unlikely), Apple made $796,000,000 overnight, minimum.

Any way you slice it, that’s nuts. If anyone is still out there who wants to argue that developer support might not be there for the new phones because of a low install base… Well…

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