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‘Jelly Reef’ Coming Next Year from ‘Fingle’ Creators Game Oven

Game Oven is a Dutch studio that has made some interesting local multiplayer games in the past: you likely know Fingle ($1.99), they’ve also made the competitive Bam fu ($0.99), the game of awkward conversations, Friendstrap (Free), which I once played on a date. There was no second date. And now after their ballet-dancing game Bounden ($2.99), Game Oven is doing something truly radical: a game that doesn’t necessarily require playing with other people, in Jelly Reef.

Jelly Reef concept 2

The goal of the game is to help jellyfish through an ocean, trying to get them to the bottom so that they can reproduce, as is life. Players control the ocean’s flow, swiping to help them along the way, avoiding enemies, helping friendly sea creatures, and collecting jelly eggs. Details are kind of sparse beyond that, but that’s because the game is still in development – Game Oven is still working on various scenarios for the game, though there will be 26 levels, with secret paths in those levels.

Jelly Reef concept

The game will hit iOS in 2015, but curiously, it’s targeted to release on Windows Phone by the end of the year, because hey. Windows Phone owners deserve something nice too, I guess? This is definitely a game to keep an eye on – Game Oven makes interesting titles, and this is a departure from their recent work, making this all the more intriguing.