Huge ‘Wayward Souls’ Update Now Available, Price Going Up to $6.99 on Monday

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Last week, Rocketcat Games detailed all the new features set to arrive in Wayward Souls($7.99) latest update, and today that update is now available for download in the App Store. The big ticket items in this update are a new endless dungeon and MFi controller support. The endless mode will appear for those who are bad enough dudes or dudettes to have already beaten the third dungeon. The endless dungeon ramps up to max difficulty on floor 2, so I’m very eager to see how far people will be able to make it. I’m guessing my high score will be floor 2. There’s also a new dedicated leaderboard for the endless dungeon, which shows in-game what character people used, what hat they wore, and what floor they made it to. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, I can’t get that leaderboard to load, but I’m sure Rocketcat will get it sorted out. I mean the update just came out.

As for MFi controller support, the early impressions I’ve seen are that they work quite well. The controller support even extends to menu navigation, a welcome change from many games that break you out of your “controller zone" by forcing you to tap through menu stuff on the screen. The buttons can’t be reconfigured at this time, but Rocketcat is definitely open to feedback about the controller support in our forums, so if that’s a feature you want then let ’em know!

There’s plenty of more minor changes and new features in this update too, like improved functionality of the Coin Magnet, slightly nerfed Flame Traps, visible health bars for bosses (woohoo!), bug fix with Saint Statues appearing, a few tweaks to the Rogue and Adventurer class, and much more. As promised, the price of Wayward Souls will increase with each major update, but in this case Rocketcat is giving players a little leeway and holding off on raising the price until Monday. At that point, it’ll jump up to $6.99, still a bargain considering the dozens and possibly hundreds of hours I’ve spent in the game so far. If you need more info, be sure to read our original review as well as the details of the last major update which arrived in June.

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