‘Tiny Tower Vegas’ Guide – Tips for Winning Without Spending Real Money

As we mentioned in our review, Tiny Tower Vegas (Free) is a bit more engaging than its predecessor, with the folks at Nimblebit adding new elements such as an extra premium currency and casino mini-games that significantly shift the way you play. While Nimblebit games in general have a reputation of being fair in its IAP facets, there are some considerations that can be made to help earn premium currency even faster while ensuring that its spent in the most efficient way possible. The following guide will help you earn those chips and bux while making sure they are spent wisely.

Know How to Earn Chips

In addition to the standard missions that can be undertaken to earn chips, there are a few other things that can be done to further increase your stockpile. Completely stocking a floor offers up a chance to earn a chip, while ferrying a bitizen to its floor of choice also garners a chance to earn a chip. However, if you fully stock a casino floor and take a bitizen there, you earn a chip every single time. Thus, it’s in your best interest to always keep casino floors fully stocked during extended play sessions in case a bitizen wants to go to that floor.

IMG_3025Focus On Your Casino Game of Choice

While there are plenty of themes, Tiny Tower Vegas only has three different types of casino games: Blackjack, Slots and Poker. Before you start playing (and assuming you’ve unlocked all three), it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each. Blackjack is by far the easiest game to learn and play, but its max payoffs are also by far the smallest. Compare that with poker, which has the potential for some massive payoffs but requires the most investment in terms of strategy and luck. Meanwhile, Slots is the most passive game, but it’s relatively easy to earn its modest payoffs with enough playtime. Each allows you to bet more chips on a single play, exponentially increasing a potential payoff with greater risk of losing chips.

Despite the pros/cons listed above, I’d recommend to just play what you enjoy the most (assuming you don’t own a Players’ Club floor).

Take Advantage of the Players’ Club

The Players’ Club is Tiny Tower Vegas’ social feature that has players joining clubs and then competing with other clubs for the supremacy. Every few days, Tiny Tower Vegas will randomly pick a casino floor and all bux earned during that floor get added to the team totals. The top players in the top clubs win massive rewards in chips and special vanity upgrades, while all participants typically get at least a few chips. When it comes to earning a decent amount of chips and upgrades for free, it’s highly advisable to check out the Players’ Club. It’s probably a good idea to join a fairly robust club that has a decent chance to take first place (like, say, the #toucharcade club). However, once you join a club, it’s important to go all in on the chosen floor to try and earn enough bux to be the one of the top players.

Unfortunately, with the large variety of casino floor the odds are slim that the chosen floor will be on of yours if you have a small tower. Thus, it may behoove you to invest early in coin generating strategies to expand your tower is quickly as possible.

IMG_3026Playing Every Day Has Its Benefits

There are two reasons why it’s not a bad idea to launch Tiny Tower Vegas on a daily basis. First, there’s a daily fireworks show that rewards both chips and bux. The more days you check in consecutively, the bigger the show and the greater the reward.

In addition to the fireworks show, each casino game offers a single daily ‘Free Play’ the first time you stock an inventory item in an empty casino floor. While it really only amounts to a free chip a day per casino floor, it’s better than nothing!

Decide Your End Goal For Bux

So now you’ve earned a decent stockpile of bux, what are you going to do with them? It’s an important question, and one that I think is worth exploring because I’d suggest thinking about a goal and then going right for it. Want to earn coins as fast as possible to build new floors? Consider investing in floor upgrades and using bux to instantly fill hotel rooms. For this endgoal I’d also suggest investing in elevator speed upgrades as the faster you can ferry bitizens, the more you’ll inevitably be able to transport. Meanwhile, if the goal is centered more on getting a cool lobby or roof, then I’d suggest saving those bux for whatever dream vanity upgrade desired. Whether it’s coins or vanity upgrades, one thing I don’t suggest is trying to do both, as you’ll never be able to sustain the chips and bux without resorting to IAP.

Build Your Friends List

Not only can friends visit your tower to check your progress, they can even tip you chips by partaking in the casino games you have. The best way to keep the chips flowing is to maintain a robust friends list. Thankfully Tiny Tower Vegas lets you easily share your friend code (or you can post it in our forums).

Mind the Standard Freemium Tips

Despite the changes, Tiny Tower Vegas is still a timer-based game. So keeping in mind things like always keeping floors stocked, and having extended play-throughs to earn missions and currency from ferrying bitizens will help out in earning coins and chips. The higher your tower, the more chips you earn for missions which can potentially increase your bux earning. Another cool feature in Tiny Tower Vegas is the ability to instantly restock all floors with some coin and bux investment, a very useful tool if you’re looking to earn some coins while away from the game for awhile.

Have any tips on how to build the best sky rise in Tiny Tower Vegas? Leave them in the comments!