New iPhone Games Coming Tonight: ‘Valiant Hearts: The Great War’, ‘Mikey Boots’ and Lots More

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It’s Wednesday again, and the weirdness of a four day work week here in the US isn’t stopping the unstoppable flow of new iOS games on to the App Store. While we’re light on quantity compared to some weeks, we’re high on quality. Valiant Hearts: The Great War likely passes the hardcore gamer Real Game™ sniff test, everyone who has had an early copy of Mikey Boots loves it, and Angry Birds Stella should appear sometime tonight- Typically Rovio does Worldwide launches, so Stella should launch at or around midnight Pacific. Everything else will be available at 11:00 PM Eastern.


Here’s what we’ve got threads in our forums for so far:

  • Gemini Strike: Space Shooter

    Blast your way through enemy ships, evade fiery asteroids, sneak through blockades and face-off against epic bosses in t…
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