‘Mayday! Emergency Landing’ Now Features 104 Different Missions

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The one thing that sort of stinks about the App Store is because of the sheer quantity of things that get released, it’s very easy to forget about cool games that launched without a whole load of content. Especially if you’ve got a smaller device, or a device packed with games you love, once you beat a game, it’s not abnormal to delete it and move on. Last year we posted about Mayday! Emergency Landing (Free), and it fits perfectly in to the previous case I just described, as it originally launched with five missions that didn’t take long to beat.

Backing up a bit, the premise of the game is amazing: It’s basically the best part of a flight simulator, flying a plane where everything is broken and you’re about to crash… Except, unlike randomly fiddling with settings in X-Plane ($9.99), Mayday sets up different missions where you need to safely manage an airplane when things are going real wrong. It’s a stupid amount of fun, particularly as each mission is basically a puzzle of sorts to figure out what you need to do with the airplane to land it successfully.


Well, while the original release was lacking in content, I’m elated to post that there’s now 104 different missions to play through. They’ve been updating it almost constantly it’d seem, with the “Stormy Deserts" mission pack landing today. Better yet, if this is the first you’ve heard of this game, it’s totally free to try. You can see just how crazy it is landing a plane in a storm, then decide whether or not you want to fork out the $3.99 to unlock everything else.

If you’re anything like me, that’ll be up there with the best four bucks you ever spent and the most laughs per dollar you’ll likely get out of an iPhone game as you spectacularly crash over, and over, and over and over…

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