Freebie Alert: Hack and Slash Adventure ‘Swordigo’

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If you’re looking to play something this weekend while spending zero dollars doing it, Swordigo (Free) will fit the bill nicely. Originally released back in 2012, and already free a couple times already, Swordigo is a great game that I’m not going to give up reminding people about whenever I can. We reviewed it back when it was new and we were all excited to see what the creators of Soosiz (Free) (another great older game) were up to next.

Anyway, Swordigo is a 2.5D hack and slash adventure game with magic spells to learn, bosses to kill, and challenges to overcome. You could make some Zelda II comparisons, if you felt like starting an argument somewhere on the internet.

Seriously though, give Swordigo a shot if you haven’t already. It’s free, so, there’s no harm in just deleting it if you hate it, right?

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    Run, jump and slash your way through a vast world of challenges and embark on an epic adventure! “Swordigo is a love …
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