‘Godfire: Rise of Prometheus’ Gets New Combat Update, On Sale for $2.99

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Vivid Games have just released the first content update for their Greek mythology-based hack ‘n slash game Godfire: Rise of Prometheus ($2.99). While a free update with new content is always a welcome sight, this particular update, dubbed the Combat Update, seems to be sort of a mixed bag. First off, as the name implies, the combat has been significantly tweaked and in turn, according to Vivid, “the combat is now more dynamic, controls more responsive, animations more fluid, and finishers more vicious than before." Neat.

The other big portion of this update is a new Survival arena called Deadly Heights and some new weapons and equipment. The new arena is a very cool addition, and should provide a nice change of scenery for fans of Survival. Unfortunately, the new weapons appear to mostly be locked behind the premium currency paywall. Not a huge deal as all the previous weapons that were like that were overpowered, “cheater" weapons that weren’t necessary to complete the game. But if you’re one of those people who like to collect everything, the new stuff might pose a problem.

Related to that, it seems like some players in our forums are having issues with the update taking away items that they’d already earned before, or replacing them with items that they didn’t have before. There are also some people complaining of crashing issues since updating. Hopefully these types of things can be sorted out, but it might be worth exercising caution and maybe even waiting a few days before pulling the trigger on the update.

Rounding out this update are three new enemy types, which seem to be remixed versions of existing enemies, as well as subtitle localization for additional languages. Finally, maybe the coolest part of the Combat Update is Everyplay integration, so if you have a particularly epic battle you can record and share it online over the Everyplay video service. Vivid states that this is “the first of many free content updates" for Godfire, and to celebrate the Combat Update the game is on sale all week for its lowest price yet at just $2.99. Despite is drawbacks, I thought Godfire was still a fun game that was worth the original price, so for three bucks it’s definitely a good time to check it out if you haven’t already.

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