Huge ‘Starborn Anarkist’ Update is (Finally!) Now Available

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ZeMind Game Studio’s Starborn Anarkist ($2.99) is a fantastic dual-stick space shooter that puts a huge emphasis on building and customizing your own ship. We really loved Starborn Anarkist when it released in early December of last year. But that was more than 7 months ago, an eternity in the world of iOS gaming, and Starborn Anarkist was in desperate need of some tweaks and fixes that had plagued an otherwise fantastic game. A week ago today we learned that the long-awaited update that ZeMind had been talking about for ages was finally submitted to Apple, and today I’m very happy to announce that the update is live in the App Store.

This update includes new leaderboards, new achievements, new control options, new parts to use on your ship(s), and new bonuses for things like referring the game to your friends. So much new! There have also been some tweaks, like increasing the difficulty of bosses, improving the accuracy of stats in the Garage, and also improving the accuracy of achievement progress tracking. Speaking of achievements, all of the achievements in the game are now possible to complete. Huzzah!

Finally, something I’m personally super-stoked for, you can now unlock the “Friend Ship" blueprint by exchanging a special code with a friend via email or just outright purchasing the blueprint using the in-game currency. Previously you could only get this ship by sharing the game on Facebook, which I just wasn’t willing to do.

Starborn Anarkist was a slow-burner for me. Upon release, I thought it was cool enough, but overly difficult, and I just didn’t see what was so special about it compared to the gazillion other space shooters out there. However, as I slowly came to grips with the gameplay as well as started unlocking new ship blueprints and parts, I become totally hooked. It’s been a mainstay on my homescreen ever since. I’m very happy to finally see this update, and I hope Starborn Anarkist lives a long, happy life which will bring even more awesome updates in the future.

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