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Creator of ‘10000000’ Reveals ‘Smarter Than You’ in New Trailer

While the rest of us are (im)patiently waiting for Luca Redwood’s 10000000 ($2.99) followup You Must Build a Boat which was revealed earlier this year, he’s apparently working on something else. That “something else" is Smarter Than You, a multiplayer social-y game that looks a little bit like a significantly spruced up version of rock-paper-scissors in the just-released “instructional video":

No word yet on what this means for You Must Build a Boat, or when it’s going to be released… But, to be fair, in one of my first conversations with Luca he mentioned he didn’t want to become “the 10000000 guy", so it it that much of a surprise to see him working on something else? Maybe, maybe not.

Either way, I still must build a boat.