Five Alarm Freebie Alert: ‘Threes’ Free at Starbucks

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Threes Starbucks

Have you turned to the dark side of 2048 and other Threes ($5.99) clones because you were too cheap to actually buy the game for a couple bucks? Well, good news: the Starbucks app of the week is Threes, with cards with free download cards in US stores now. So no longer do you have to put up with imitation-brand games, as you can get the real thing for no cost. Well, minus whatever you pay for the drink. Or I suppose you could just go get a water, or something. Point is, the stores have stacks of free copies of Threes, and you should probably go get one while they still have them.

Seriously though, if you need additional convincing to head to Starbucks to snag one of these codes for this very special game, take a look at our review, or the forum thread where everyone has been going nuts over the game since release. How nuts? Well, here’s a guide on how to get the 6144 card, here’s an AI that the developer of MAME built, and last, but certainly not least, here’s an actual robot playing the game.

So, yeah, if for whatever reason you don’t have Threes! yet, get to a Starbucks.

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