‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ is Getting an Offline Mode in its Next Update

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While we weren’t totally wild about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ($6.99) in our review, a lot of folks on our forums love these kind of Gameloft games. Unfortunately, it also seems that most of them aren’t playing on iPhones as the online requirement has been a major sticking point. Well, per a recent post by Gameloft_Kyle, in the game’s next update, the single player story mode will be playable offline.

Certain features, however, will still require connectivity as Gameloft continues to desperately battle pirates. Mysterio’s Arena and all IAP will still require the game phoning home to make sure you’re legit and in attempt to keep the leaderboards and overall online experience as fair as possible.

It’s cool to see Gameloft easing up on the online requirements, but more than that, it really sucks to see them need to go to those kind of drastic measures just to keep people from stealing their games.

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