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Square Enix Teases ‘Final Fantasy VII G Bike’ iOS Racer

With Final Fantasy VI ($14.99) already on the App Store, iOS gamers have rightfully set their sights on the next title in the series as the game they want ported next. Well, we’re getting the slightest sniff of Final Fantasy VII on our iPhones this fall, but not in the way you were expecting or hoping.

(Video from original FF7 mini game.)

Squeenix plans on releasing Final Fantasy VII G Bike later this year. It’s a game based on the motorcycle racing mini game found inside of FF7’s Gold Saucer, which was sort of like an in-game casino sort of thing that you could grind for fabulous prizes. I seem to remember the Gold Saucer was vital to getting the gold chocobo, but, I’ve since blocked out the hundreds of hours I spent on that

Details are few and far between right now other than some additional tidbits like being able to slide and jump on your bike, which you couldn’t do in the original. Additionally, you can customize things with materia which I’d place some large bets on that being the premium currency powering this game. Square Enix also plans on porting over more Gold Saucer mini games, so if you were ever expecting a full Final Fantasy VII port, you’re probably going to have to wait for this to run its course first.

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