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Sega Takes on ‘Peggle’ with ‘Super Monkey Ball Bounce’, Currently Soft-launched in Canada

Sega is doing something new with the Super Monkey Ball series, which makes me smile as I’ve loved those games since way back on the GameCube. However, their latest effort, Super Monkey Ball Bounce, isn’t your father’s Super Monkey Ball. As Sega describes it, “Taking inspiration from the classic arcade game, pachinko, Super Monkey Ball Bounce features AiAi and the rest of his monkey friends as they attempt to thwart the evil machinations of the dastardly Prof. Boscis." Or in other words, it’s a lot like Peggle ($0.99) with Super Monkey Ball characters. Hey, I’m actually surprisingly OK with that. Here’s a trailer.

Currently, Super Monkey Ball Bounce is soft-launched in Canada, so if you’re Canadian or have access to a Canadian App Store account by way of being a fake Canadian, then you can download the game for free and check it out for yourself. A full worldwide launch is set for “later this summer" and you can find some early impressions and discussion in our forums.

Canadian App Store Link: Super Monkey Ball Bounce, Free (Universal)