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Scrolling Shooter Remake ‘Sky Force Anniversary’ Launching on June 5th

This past December we told you about developer Infinite Dreams’ plan to remake one of their classic dumbphone/PDA games, Sky Force, for its tenth anniversary. Today, Infinite Dreams has announced that remake, officially titled Sky Force 2014, is launching worldwide on June 5th. A few years back, iOS ports of both the original Sky Force and its sequel Sky Force Reloaded were available on the App Store, and were among my favorite shooters. Unfortunately, incompatibility issues with newer versions of iOS forced the developers to remove the games from sale, so I’ve been really excited to check out this remade version. And what better way to celebrate a launch announcement? Why, animated .gifs of course.

As you can see, the updated game retains the general style of the original Sky Force but adds awesome particle and explosion effects, as well as much more detailed environments and lighting effects. It looks really incredible. Sky Force 2014 has been in a limited soft-launch since late April, and the general sentiment from early players in our forums is that the game itself is incredible but the free to play model can interfere somewhat. Infinite Dreams was keen on hearing feedback about that very thing so they could make tweaks, so I’m interested to see how the final version comes out. We’ll see when Sky Force 2014 hits on June 5th.