Simogo Posts an In-depth Look at ‘Device 6’ References and Inspirations

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In October of last year, Simogo did what they do best and turned everything I thought I knew about literature, video games and my own imagination and turned it on its ear with their digital masterpiece Device 6 ($3.99). Is it a gamebook? Is it an adventure game? Or a visual novel? All of those things? None of them? Device 6 is definitely many things at once, and the only thing I can say for certain is there’s nothing else quite like it on the App Store. It was worthy of every bit of the 5 stars we gave it in our review, and then some.

But hey I’m not here to talk about how great Device 6 is, you should (hopefully) know that already. Instead, I’m here to point you in the direction of a new blog post on Simogo’s website which goes into incredible detail pointing out the various historical and pop-culture references that are peppered throughout the game. Some of these things I recognized originally while playing, and some of them I never would have dreamt of. It’s absolutely fascinating to see Simogo pull back the curtain on how and why Device 6 is the way it is.

If you’ve haven’t experienced Device 6 yet, well, all I can really say is go play it! In fact, you should probably avoid that blog post until you do play it as there’s obviously plenty of spoilers, something Simogo warns about in the introduction. However, if you did play Device 6 and enjoyed it, definitely go through that list as I think you’ll find it incredibly interesting, just as I have. And, it’s a great reason to go back and play through Device 6 once again equipped with this new knowledge.

Source: The Complete Guide to References and Inspirations in DEVICE 6

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