DeNA’s Latest Free to Play Shooter ‘Isolani’ is Now Available Worldwide

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Mobage has been experimenting in shooters for quite a while now. It started with The Drowning (Free) where they tried to mix a brand new control scheme with bite-sized gameplay that was meant to encompass the casual nature of our devices. Then came Lawless (Free), a take on Time Crisis that was quite well done and fun. Their last attempt at defining mobile shooters is called Isolani (Free) and after a soft-launch in a few select countries it is now available worldwide for free.

The first thing that might surprise you is the presence of two joysticks, a control scheme that Scattered Entertainment was strongly trying to avoid in the aforementioned titles. It’s also episodic with new levels being released at a steady pace. I tried it during the soft-launch period, and while I thought it was visually stunning it lacked a bit of variety in the gameplay department. For more impressions and gameplay videos, you can check out our forum thread here.

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